How to begin an SEO Audit?

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What are the key elements and how to go about beginning an SEO Audit? 
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1. What is an SEO audit?

I'll start by giving a short summary of what an SEO audit is, why it is important, etc.

1.1. How do search engines rank your site?

First, we must go to the core of search engine optimization and understand how search engines such as Google or Bing rank our pages? How do their algorithms work? Below is a diagram created by the team at SEMrush that summarizes the crucial ranking factors:

After assessing the factors above, you can make several deductions.

  1. Search engines take the popularity of your website as a huge factor
  2. Every single page of your website is crawled by various search engines to determine if it provides good and useful content
  3. Search engines also look at how fast, secure and user-friendly your website is

1.2 What impact does this have on my/my client's business?

One thing that is certain is that SEO is ever-evolving.

  1. Search engine algorithms are always changing. Search engines are always trying to improve their system and logic for ranking pages
  2. Your competitors are always getting better, and are competing with your for the top page ranks
  3. Old content needs to be updated - people don't want to read outdated stuff that has no relevance today

1.3 What does a SEO audit do for me/my client?

In essence, an SEO audit looks at the current state of your website, and identifies major problems that affect your page ranking. Namely, SEO audits help you with the following:

  • Keep up with search engine algorithm updates
  • Keep up with relevant and updated content
  • Reveal the technical issues on your website that affect SEO

2. How do I conduct an SEO audit?

2.1. Conduct a technical SEO audit

A. Use free online tools

There are tons of tools that you can use that provide an initial glimpse into how your website is currently performing:

These platform provides free versions of tools that churn out reports with actionable recommendations.

B. Manually search your site

It's best to begin by understanding how well your website is currently ranking.

These are some useful questions to answer:

  1. Does your website appear first when you search for it by name?
  2. How many of your pages appear in relevant search results?
  3. Overall, how does your website perform in terms of page rankings?

C: Ensure that there is only 1 version of your website

Is there only one version of your website? No matter how someone types in the url to your website, (,,, they should be redirect to the same website. There should only be one.

D. Crawl your website

An SEO crawler simulates the way Google analyses your website and gives us useful information about your website's current structure.

You can use screaming frog or beamusup to crawl every single URL in your website. Here is a good beginner's guide on using screaming frog. These tools help you check for broken links 

E: Check your website speed

In today's world, everyone expects things to happen instantly. Similarly, if your website takes too long to load, your visitors are just going to close the tab and bounce away. Perform a check on the website's speed using the tools below.

These tools provide actionable recommendation to how the website can be optimized for speed.

3. Other Resources

There are many guides online that provide in-depth help on SEO audits. Here are a few that I have compiled for your further reading:

  1. Neil Patel's Technical Site Audit
  2. Neil Patel's 45min Local SEO Audit
  3. Ahref's 16-Step SEO Audit
  4. Gotch SEO's Complete 9 Step SEO Audit

And if you are struggling to grasp the world of SEO, you can check out Moz's Beginner's Guide to SEO.

Good luck!

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The aim is to provide a comprehensive and attractive approach to auditing your website from an on-page SEO perspective. This means auditing your rankings, backlink profile, existing content and so on....what can improve your site ranking

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