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I would like to confirm permission from my client's contacts list. I envision to send an email asking the contacts containing a checkbox/button to confirm each individual contact's interest in subscribing to the mailing list. 

I've tried googling how I can create opt-in emails but can't seem to hit the right keywords to get the answers I need. Could you please guide me on how I can set up something akin to what I have envisioned? (Checkbox/button upon ticking/pressing will register the contact's confirmation to the emailing list)

Thank you! 

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Hi Thordy! 

Thanks for your question! Opt-in emails are obviously a necessary now with PDPA (GDPR for the EU) laws and regulations in place. Now to collect consent, you can simply send them an email. 

If you're using MailChimp, to add in your wanted check-boxes and buttons, you can follow this MailChimp online guide where you can not only create the email form template you have described but also help you record the profile data. Let me know if this was helpful! 

If you;re not using MailChimp, there are a couple of other drag and drop email templates(here is a list) that you can use that will allow you to add in checkboxes and buttons as needed. Of course, some are free and some are paid. Many have different pricing models and templates that you can definitely get for free. stripo is one example with 300+ free HTML email templates that you can check out. 

In conclusion, there are many platforms/builders out there to build the email that you want to build so there is a need to sit down and identify the one that best suits your needs(price/design/integration etc)

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