Must we pay to use various email marketing platforms?

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My client wants me to create email campaigns for over 5000 contacts. However, the maximum number of contacts email marketing platforms can accommodate, at no cost, is at 2000. If the client is not willing to pay the subscription fees but still wants to reach his 5000 contacts, are there any ways around this issue? Or do I strongly encourage the client to subscribe to the recommended email marketing platform? 

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Hey Thordy! 

That's a great question, alot of SMEs in Singapore try to find the best option in terms of a service/software provider and cost is usually of utmost importance. 

There are 2 main ways that email marketing platforms charge

  • Size of contact list 
  • Email Volume

Most platforms out there charge via the size of contact list, how many subscribers you have in your database that you wish to blast your emails to. However, there are some platforms(although in the minority) that charge by email volume. 

For example, SendinBlue charges by email volume and here is their plan. 

Limited free plan:

    • Send up to 300 emails per day
    • Monthly limit of 9,000 emails per month
    • Unlimited number of contacts

While they have an unlimited number of contacts, if you do the math, only being able to send 300 emails will not do any good to your client even with an unlimited number of contacts. For comparison's sake, Mailchimp's free price plan allows 10,000 email volume. 

The truth is, email marketing platforms are a dime a dozen as they are in a very mature market. Pricing plans, therefore have converged to an unspoken industry standard. Therefore, it would be tough to find a workaround where you will not end up paying the same charges or sacrificing vital features. 

 My recommendation would be to pay for a quality email marketing platform. Instead of looking at contacts/email volume, make your decision on a platform by looking at features that help with integration, automation and creatives amongst others. Convince your client that a little investment will go along way when email marketing can provide high ROI. 

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