Is email marketing still effective?

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As a millennial and surrounded by social media and tech platforms growing up, Email to me is something of the past. When i think of email i think of my parents' generation. Is it still effective in reaching out to consumers? Well, i guess if your target consumers are older then maybe yes. But to target people of my generation?? 

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Of course it's still effective! Not just for the older generation but also for the millennial because think about it, we still largely communicate over email for work and this causes what I call "inbox OCD" where people clear their emails and maintain inbox hygiene the minute they wake up. 

An interesting study by McKinsey says that email marketing is up to 40 times more effective than Facebook & Twitter because 91% of people still use emails daily. That statistic, albeit American, proves "inboxCD" to a certain degree. 

E-mail is still a significantly more effective way to acquire customers than social media. 

Ultimately, Emails work for 3 key reasons

1. Easier Data Collection

When generating leads, think about giving up your email address as compared to giving up more personal information like your phone number. Because of that, building an email address database is far easier than building a contact number database. Additionally, calling people up can be quite intrusive sometimes, sure it offers the most direct-to-consumer communication but sometimes people want to sift through content at their own pace. 

2. Dynamic Email Content 

Email templates are found all over the web and the beauty is that it is very flexible. Flexible enough to build an edm that is dynamic with GIFs, graphics, images etc. Humans are visual creatures and seeing an edm that is highly engaging with the right CTAs, the chances of opening them are higher than text/image based restrictions on social platforms.

3. Affordability  

Lastly, if not MOST IMPORTANTLY, email marketing is CHEAP! Sending out emails is entirely free(be careful, you don't want to spam) and you'd probably only have to pay in the form of subscription fees to a platform like MailChimp. This makes for probably the best channel in terms of payoff and ROI. 

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