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The Forever Evolving Ecommerce Era and Q&A with Candace

Playbook to Spark Virality for Brands

Strategic Marketing & Customer Growth

7 Videos

  • Introduces the Asian Market and Talks About What is Most Important for Consumers
  • How to Grow Your Customer Base and Scale Your Company

First party data is the new black: How to leverage it for better CX

Social Media Marketing

15 Videos

  • Introduction to Social Media Marketing
  • Various Social Media Tools and How to Use Them
  • What Kind of Content to Put on Social Media
  • Using Analytics to Create Content
  • Case Studies & Examples

Marketing Analytics

11 Videos

  • Introduction to Marketing Analytics
  • Data Types, Strategies, and Approaches
  • Various Digital Analytics tools and How to Use Them

SEO Keyword Research in the Era of AI & Clickstream

The Rise of Pet Influencers

Customer Engagement

6 Videos

  • Introduction to Customer Preferences
  • Ways to Engage and Grow Customer Base
  • Using AI to Improve Customer Experience and Understanding

Never Waste a Marketing Lead Again & QnA

The Future of Apps Marketing

5 Ways to Create a Successful Cross-channel Marketing That Drives Customer Engagement and Growth

Mobile & App Marketing

6 Videos

  • Introduction to the Mobile World
  • How to Grow Your Business on Mobile
  • How to Acquire and Engage Users on Mobile
  • Mobile Marketer Q&A (Case Studies)


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Everyone is taking this period to learn, improve and come back stronger but not everyone has the right tools.This is an opportunity to learn an essential skill that will become critical in view of the realization to go digital for many companies.

We have put together a comprehensive lineup of resources that empowers and allows you to absorb knowledge and strategies from the top Digital Marketers in Asia so you can replicate that for yourself with ease.


Lifetime Access to Digital Marketing Summit Asia Videos

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Slide Presentations

Replicate Industry Leaders’ Digital Marketing Strategies by Closely Referring to Carefully Crafted Speaker Keynote Slide Presentations

Get a copy of the speaker’s keynote presentation slides to not only help you with efficient absorbing of information but to also act as a guide to creating your own slide presentations to share with your organisation or community


We get it. You’re running a mile-a-minute.

Yes, nothing beats learning from the BEST but it also takes time and effort to sieve through what is relevant and important to you. Let us do that for you and accelerate that learning so you can focus on putting it into action.

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Summary Notes

Growth Hack your Learning by Condensing Hours of Keynotes into Minutes with our Comprehensive Notes

All of us learn in different ways and some just prefer reading over watching someone present. Our summary notes for each presentation allow you to view a text version of the most important points raised in the video.

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Covid Initiative

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