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25th - 26th April 2020


Bringing you the best Digital Marketing Insights from the last 5 Virtual Summits and more

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What is the Encore?







Having organised Asia’s largest virtual summit on Digital Marketing for the last 5 years, we are kickstarting 2020 with a Summit Encore where we pick out the best highlights from all of our summits for your learning!

Learn from Asia's Top Marketing Professionals

WeChat and Social Marketing in China

Generating Unlimited Traffic

How to Engage Customers Better Over Your Digital Channels To Drive Measurable Impacts

Secrets To Viral Video Marketing

The Future of Content & The Role of Brands

Brand-building in a Mobile-first World

Slideshare: You Content Marketing Machine

Growth Marketing on Instagram: FInding and Scaling Success with Direct Response Advertising

How To Accelerate Business Growth With Twitter Ads

Creating Landing Pages (That Convert)

Press, Your Advantage (Digitally)

Go-To-Market Strategies For Asia: 15 Focus Areas To Win New Markets in Asiaa

Who's In My Funnel? Personalised, Not Anonymous Data-Driven Marketing

Using Data to Develop a Marketing Pitch

Social Media For Customer Acquisition

Copywriting That Sells: Shamelessly Awesome Words For Stunning Results

You Had Me At Hello: How Marketing AAutomation Can Help You Build Real Connections

Google Analytics - Going The Extra Mile

Marketing Metrics: Easy Ways To Use Them To Maximise Your Digital Marketing Performance

Tactical Video Advertising For Agencies & SMBs

The World Is Shifting - How Asia is Defining Trends For the World

Marketing Has Changed: The Lovability Problem

Personas: From Customer to Conversion

How To Create Highly Effective Video Ads (In 10 Minutes)

Next Level B2B With LinkedIn

Thriving In A Connected, Mobile World

Acquisition To Engagement: The Shifting Focus for App Marketers

Rise of Automation In Performance Marketing: What You Should Know

Digital Media Monitoring and Analysis

Growth Hacking Success:Breaking The System To Scale Your Company

Content Marketing Made Easy - Through Influencers

Programmatic: Winning Micromoments Through Digital

How to Be a Social Brand

Using Mobile Ads To Grow Business

Marketing Startups in Southeast Asia

PR With Technology And Automation

Digital Analytics Strategy For Your Business

Beat the Algorithm with Automated Bidding Strategies

Chatbots and Automation

Applied Cognitive Psychology For Paid Ads

7 Email Puzzle Pieces That Converts Leads Into Rabid Buyers

SEO Keyword Research in the Era of AI & Clickstream

Data-Driven Growth Based Marketing

Removing Obstacles to Data-Driven Transformation

Increasing Your Sales by 300%: A Content Marketing Case Study

How To Structure And Run Your SEM Campaigns To Achieve The Best Possible CPAA

5 Epic Marketing Campaigns in China You Must Know About

A Look Behind The Scenes - What Email Marketers Need to Know

Growing the Buffer Blog from 1M to 1.5M Visitors a Month

Reddit hates blatant marketing: Here's how you can still get thousands of visitors from reddit

The Role of Data in Digital Marketing

What does it Mean for Your Brand in a Voice-Centred World

The Future of Apps Marketing

Becuase Robots are People Too

Unlocking international growth at scale

Chatbots: How to get Started and Avoid the Common Pitfalls

How to Create An Effective Influencer Marketing Campaign

From a Web Visit to Conversion - 6 Proven Marketing Automation Workflows

Creating Fans - The Customer Journey Impact

SAAS Growth Hacks

Monetization with Facebook Audience Network

How affliate marketing fits into a company's media and sales plan

5 Ways to Create a Successful Cross-channel Marketing That Drives Customer Engagement and Growth

The Forever Evolving Ecommerce Era and Q&A with Candace (eBay)

What is a Social Experience and Why It Matters

First party data is the new black: How to leverage it for better CX

How to Tap Into the Best YT Format and Watch Your RY Soar

Q&A with Asad (ConsoliAds)

How AI dramatically improves consumer understanding and optimizes marketing performance & Impact Opt

Connecting With A Strong Online Brand Story: DOOH & Influencer Marketing

Beyond Cute Selfies: The Different Uses of Augmented Reality for Content Marketing

The Rise of Pet Influencers

Never Waste a Marketing Lead Again & QNA

Powering the Modern Customer Experience with AI

Overview of the Chinese E-commerce Scene

Playbook to Spark Virality for Brands

Video Content For Asian Audiences

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Digital Marketing Summit Asia

25th - 26th April 2020
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How often do we really get to hear it from the best themselves? Put aside your digital marketing books for once! Enjoy the masterclasses our speakers have put together just for you.

Who is this Summit for?

Marketers & Growth Hackers

You're relied on to steer marketing for your brand and organization. It can be challenging to catch up with what's new – so check out what works and implement it in your marketing right away.

Agencies & Consultants

As agencies and consultants, many people come to you to make sense of how the fast-moving parts of marketing changes. Learn from the experts in their respective fields and stay relevant.

Founders & Entrepreneurs

Got a great product but can't seem to gain traction? Learn essential marketing strategies that can help you grow and scale your business.



Yes, it's absolutely free to view the summit sessions during the stated timings in the Agenda above.
After you claim your free ticket, you will be receiving emails at the start of each summit day with the links and instructions to log in to the platform to view the sessions.
Yes the videos will only be free to view from 23:59 SGT 24th April till 23:59 26th April. Afterwhich, the videos will no longer be free to view. You may purchase the lifetime access package to get permanent access to all the videos.
With over 80 videos from the past 5 summits, we help curate the videos based on subject matter and level of understanding required. It is not compulsory to follow the agenda but merely a suggested guide on which videos to watch in what order.


How often do we really get to hear it from the best themselves? Put aside your digital marketing books for once! Enjoy the masterclasses our speakers have put together just for you.