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Social Media Marketing for Dummies

Jovi Chung
Jovi Chung 12 April 2020


You were probably on your phone earlier, scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram feed for the 9th time today; and it’s only 1130am.

About half an hour to go before lunch… just the right time to create a poll on Instagram asking your followers where should you head to for lunch later.

Social Media.

Did you know that there are 3.5 billion active social media users daily? That’s about half of the total world population - 45% of the Earth’s population to be exact (Emarsys, 2019).

Face it, everyone around you is active on some form of social platform (Reddit included, for those who feel too ‘hip’ to be on the core top 5 social networks) and this isn’t a passing fad.

It's growing, and it's growing fast.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing has risen to become one of the primary marketing channels used by marketers.

Organizations with solid digital marketing strategies in-place are reaching their target audiences better than ever before, generating more leads through tapping onto the localization capabilities offered by the social platforms.

Surely you wouldn't wanna miss out on that?


So, how do I get more 'likes'?

Let's get down to brass tacks.

To get engagement and exposure, the obvious thing to do is to be active on your socials and keep posting content constantly, right? Absolutely not.

Posting in the masses and spamming should never be a strategy (Unless your goal is to get blocked).

Instead, think about your content marketing. Posting quality content, providing valuable information about your product or services that would give readers or potential leads valuable takeaways should be your number one priority.

Quality over quantity. What is your value proposition? Would they 'like' your page and want to receive more updates from you?


Social Media Insights & Analytics

Knowing how your followers interact with your posts will considerably affect how you plan your strategy.

Social platforms offer audience insights, such as Facebook Insights, for you to view your post engagements. Basically, an analytics dashboard of sorts to display your data for easy consumption!

Some examples of the data that you can view, freely:

  • Reach - How many people have seen your post
  • Impressions - Number of times your post has been displayed, regardless if there was a click
  • Type of people viewing or engaging with your content
  • Demographics
  • Geographical

Or integrate Google Analytics to track your channels and performances at a more granular level. But that's for another post.

Content Curation

Creating content that your audience wants to see is important. But what if we take that to the next level?

Curate content with other brands and influencers within your niche. Stalk them, study them and know their fans. What do their fans like and hate? This information should give you some ideas for your own content direction.

Partner with these brands and influencers.

Having them promote, share or talk about you will greatly boost your own following as the people who are following them will most likely be drawn to your product and service as well.

And if all else fails, at least the attractive influencer promoting your brand will help drive more curious stalkers to view what their favourite online personality is enjoying!

That's all for now!

I hope these 3 important tips will help spark an interest in spending more attention to your Social Media Marketing needs!

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Jovi Chung
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Jovi Chung

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