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Apply the digital marketing skills you picked up in school or online. Build your digital marketing journey, and shine amongst your peers. 10 hours a week, for 12 weeks. Work primarily remotely, at your convenience.

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How it works

Students' Apprenticeship Process

Why do an Apprenticeship?

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The Problem

Problems with Mastering Digital Marketing

Marketing Tools

Lack of opportunities to practice

Maybe you have taken a digital marketing class or an online course. But how do you practice digital marketing if you don't have a company to market for?

Not digital marketing related

Internships don’t let you choose what to learn

“Oh man, I'm doing data cleaning on excel again.”

“I'm not even learning digital marketing here.”

“Interns aren’t trusted enough to execute important tasks.”

Digital Marketing guidance

No guidance on learning or doing

There are many paths to take in digital marketing. Where should you start? What is the best route?

Student Marketer internship headache
Why Join

1. Build Your Story

Gain a competitive advantage over your peers

Take on Apprenticeships and add rock-solid chunks of work experience to your story. People with certificates and courses are a dime a dozen. Set yourself apart from the rest.

Digital Marketing resume experience

Convert theoretical knowledge to lines in your resume that reflect your skills

Digital Marketing resume experience
Digital Marketing resume experience
Digital Marketing certificates and courses
Digital Marketing resume experience

2. Explore 4 Key Digital Marketing Verticals

Learn and apply these highly demanded Digital Marketing verticals when we find a business that matches your expertise.

If you have learnt the skill before, great! Just flash the certification to us and we’ll get going. Otherwise, no worries – we have curated an online curriculum for each service. Simply complete it before the apprenticeship starts.

Digital Marketing Apprenticeship Categories

3. Work at Your Convenience

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Low Commitment

With a commitment level of a few hours a week, you can balance school-life or even a full-time job.

Take on multiple apprenticeships, or one-at-a-time. You’re free to choose.

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Primarily Remote

Minimal physical meet-ups. The main form of communication is virtual. Work from the comfort of your own home – after school, work or while you’re travelling.

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